Creating new products and Forming the supply chain
Technical Domain
Material Development Matrix / Reinforcment research.
Creative development for the new composite materials.
Basic Databese Database of the latest composite materials. Up-dated new composite materials.
Process Engineering

Up date information about composites' process engineering.

Method creation with technical combination and relation.
Design CFRP Designing with the UD materilas.
Product designing in consideration of charactristics of the CFRP materials.
Prototyping Prototypic production on the basis of the mass production state that 3DCAD datas.
Evaluate & Analyze 3D virtual analysis and measuring with 3D SCANBOX.
Production CFRP Domestic manufacturing and factory relationship with overseas facilities.
Marketing Domein
Market Research Latest market informaton in Japan / Asia.
Find up customers' needs on composite materials.
Supply Chain Seek & Arrange the suppliers along tocustomers' needs.
Taking international relationship for keeping the continus material supply.
Spec-in Support Adjusting product specs to Local caustomeers' needs on the composite materials.
Direction Support For creating the new business, we could offer the right direction.
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